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2013 Speakers and Sessions


2013 AFP Greater New Orleans Fundraising Conference – Holy Cross School – New Orleans, Louisiana


2013 AFP Greater New Orleans Fundraising Conference – Holy Cross School – New Orleans, Louisiana

9:00 am                

         Thursday, June 13, 2013    Registration / Breakfast/ Exhibits Open

9:30 am – 10:30 am

Exhibits Open

AFP Chapter President’s Welcome and Opening Plenary Session

Mark Romig, CEO  New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation

10:30 am – 10:45 am

Morning Break / Exhibits Open

10:45 am - 12:00 pm

Session A:

The Terrible T’s of Special Events—Trash, Toilets and Tents

Presented by:  Susan Mancuso, CFRE


Event logistics can make or break your event, and drive you crazy in the process. This interactive session will offer creative cost cutting advice and innovative in-kind partnership ideas that will directly impact your event’s bottom line. You will receive a sample budget, logistics plan, and committee job descriptions, along with tips and tricks to turn your event logistics from Trying to Terrific!


Session B:

Cold Calling and Prospecting

Presented by:  Armando Zumaya


What do you do when you have a great prospect that nobody knows? This happens all too often to development officers of all levels. For many staff who are growing a major gifts program this is often the majority of their portfolio of major gifts prospects. Get focused, learn techniques, tips and methods to reach cold donors and get that first meeting. Create a professional learning community so your entire field staff can benefit from each other’s success and experience. If you want to reach new prospects, if you want to get to the prospects nobody else has been able to reach then this session is for you.

Session C:

Collaboration:  Make it Bigger and Better by Working Together Presented by:  Michael Baker, CFRE


Every nonprofit strives to fulfill its mission, but not all are creating the

collaborative plans necessary to navigate through the bumps in the road that inevitably creep up now and then. In this session, you will learn various ways to unlock the potential within your organization to not only achieve your mission but to create a framework to sustain your organization's future through


Session D:

Different Paths to a “Successful” Career

Presented by:  Charles DiGange, Charles Young and Charles Heim, FAHP


The three Charlies will talk about the very different paths they followed that introduced them to fundraising. Each Charlie has a unique view of the fundraising process. But the one thing they have in common is unqualified success at achieving lofty career goals. All three have received the AFP Outstanding Fundraising Executive Award and all three have served as president of the New Orleans Chapter.

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Lunch Session

Regional and National Economic Development Through Your Eyes - Presented by Dr. Peter Fos

2:00 pm – 3:15 pm

Session E:

Inform, Entertain and Activate! Social Media for Nonprofits

Presented by:  Alice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE and James S. Anderson


We all know that you need to engage new audiences before your old audience runs its course. So how do you talk to the Gen X’ers and Millennials so that they are excited about your cause? And, how do you do this with shrinking budgets? Taking advantage of online social media can help you maximize the reach and impact of your marketing messages and promotional outreach without straining your budget and wasting your team’s valuable time. your donors, volunteers and team expect choices and control in their involvement with your organization. We’ll show you how to put social media to work for you.

Session F:

Know Thank You:  An Exercise of Good Stewardship

Presented by:  Cory J. Howat


Practical steps to begin or revamp the stewardship culture of your organization.  During this presentation we will create a Stewardship plan and examine communications with donors so that you can return to your organization with specific ways to combat donor fatigue and attrition. 

Session G:

The Appealing Nature of a Great Fundraiser

Presented by:  AFP Past Presidents


Past Presidents of the AFP Greater New Orleans Chapter will lead a panel discussion describing the characteristics of a great fundraiser, while sharing personal experiences from the field.



Session H:

When to leave your Excel Spreadsheet for a Donor Database

Presented by:   Denise Heston and Michelle Hebert


Are you are currently storing your data in spreadsheets or are just looking for donor

database software options? This class will cover how to choose a donor database, types of donor database software currently on the market and tips and tricks for managing your data.

3:15 pm – 3:30 pm

Afternoon Break / Exhibits Open

3:30 pm – 4:45 pm


Session I:

The Landscape of Philanthropic Leadership

Presented by:  Michael Guilliot


What does it take to lead the fundraising efforts for your organization? A good starting place is an examination of personal leadership styles and their effect on decision-making, problem solving, and communication. Each participant will complete the Leadership Images Self Inventory, an instrument that reveals preferred learning/organization frames and their impact on fundraising-related behaviors. We will then examine these frames and what they suggest about improving capabilities for ourselves and for those we lead.


Session J:

Interviewing and Hiring Great Development Staff

Presented by:  Susan Mancuso, CFRE


Fundraising success begins with finding the right “fit” between an organization and its employees.  Taking the time to conduct second, and even third interviews, can make a real difference in making the right hire.  This session offers specific interview questions and techniques to help you hire fundraising professionals who will take your organization from good to great.

Session K:

Direct Mail

Presented by: Gerald Duhon, CFRE


Direct Mail should be the base of every development operation.  But why?  And are you fully utilizing this critical income stream?  Learn why Direct Mail is a double revenue stream – dollars now and potential later – and how to maximize those streams. 

Session L:

How to Rock a Small Shop: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Presented by:  Erin McQuade Wright and Anne Mueller


There's nothing small about a small shop! Learn how to build a culture of philanthropy among your colleagues and board members. Explore strategies the small shop development professional can put into place TODAY to increase effectiveness, economize activities, and enlist others to help them reach their fundraising goals without the expense of hiring additional staff.



Thursday Program Ends


9:00 am            

       Friday, June 14, 2013           Registration / Breakfast / Exhibits Open

9:30 am – 10:45 am

Exhibits Open

BRING YOUR CEO or BOARD President Day!  Opening Plenary Session

How to Survive Your Board - Presented by:  Alice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE  & James S. Anderson

10:45 am – 11:00 am

Morning Break

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Session M:

Development from the Donor’s Perspective

Presented by: 

Alice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE  and

James S. Anderson


In spite of our best planning, our donors don't always fit into the organization's process very neatly. The donor's definition of the best way to help them make a gift is not always what has been captured in our systems. You will hear from two experts in the field how to be

more flexible, innovative, and empathetic to the donor's perspective. Ferris and Anderson

will discuss how to examine your own "sacred cows," and recommend ways to be more responsive to your donors' needs.

Session N:

Board Development:  Create a Culture of Engagement, Philanthropy and Empowerment for your Board

Presented by:  Michael Baker, CFRE


An engaged Board provides leadership, support and builds capacity for your organization to be successful.  In this session, you will learn the most effective methods to build your Board and its members into an asset that will pay dividends now and into the future.

Session O:

Speak Volunteerese: Reinvent your Volunteer Strategy

Presented by:  Michelle Thompson, CMP


How much is volunteer turn over costing your organization? Do you have the right volunteers in place to advance your mission? Do you think about how much more you could accomplish with the right volunteer team? You do have access to the right volunteers - but, do you speak their language? This session is packed full of information on how to attract and retain top quality

volunteers. Through an active demonstration utilizing two audience volunteers participants will learn how “the ask” differs in your language versus the language of volunteers. An “a-ha!” presentation that is not to be missed!





12:15 pm              

Friday Program Ends